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COSI MacCheeseSpotlight 2014

Macaroni & Cheese
Made with American Cheese

Tomato Basil Soup
A Cosi Classic available every day, made with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives

Classic Clam Chowder
A creamy chowder featuring hand-shucked clams and all natural, fresh vegetables

Soups & Shareables

Così soups are made with all natural, fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch stocks, naturally-raised, no antibiotics added chicken and other meats, and have no preservatives or additives. Menu options by vary by location. 

Everyday Soups

Tomato Basil
Slow-simmered crushed tomatoes and ribbon-cut basil with roasted onions, a touch of cream, and sea salt

Turkey Chili
Shredded turkey, green peppers. jalapenos, navy beans, and corn simmered with southwestern spices and finished with lime juice

Smart Fit Chicken Noodle
Tender, slow simmered chicken, sweet carrots, crisp celery, kale, and al dente noodles in a made-from-scratch chicken broth


No one can resist a taste of these delicious Così appetizers, so we call them "Shareables" in hopes that you'll do so. Made with the same fresh ingredients and handmade care as our entrées, Così Shareables are the perfect complement to any meal.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Warm chopped spinach and artichoke heart spread served with triangles of Così flatbread.

Brie & Fruit
A wedge of Brie garnished with grapes, strawberries, and triangles of Così flatbread.

Our hummus served with triangles of Così flatbread and cucumber rounds.

Soup of the Day

Every day of the week, Così offers fresh, unique, and delicious soup options. Così soups are served with our signature flatbread and can be paired with half a sandwich or salad. 

Italian Wedding (Monday)
Perfectly seasoned meatballs and miniature acini di pepe pasta in a handcrafted chicken stock with spinach, onions, olive oil, and sautéed garlic

Mediterranean Lentil (Tuesday)
Hearty lentils, carrots, and caramelized onions with sautéed garlic, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Moroccan spices, and hand-chopped parsley

Broccoli Cheddar (Wednesday)
Delicately puréed broccoli and sautéed onions in a rich blend of extra sharp cheddar cheese and light cream with a touch of white pepper

Roasted Corn & Poblano (Thursday)
Vibrant red peppers and roasted Poblano peppers in a smooth purée of sweet corn with a touch of light cream and traditional Latin spices

Classic Clam Chowder (Friday)
Hand-shucked ocean clams in a rich, roux-thickened fish stock with tempered light cream, tender potatoes, and sauteed onions.

Weekend Special (Saturday and Sunday)

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