CosìCard FAQ

How do I register my CosìCard?
Click on the Register A New Card link in the menu.

How can I see my CosìCard balance?
Click on the Manage Your Account link in the menu.

I lost my CosìCard. Can it be replaced?
If your lost card was registered on our website, we can verify the issuance of and value on the lost card, and we're happy to replace it for you. Unfortunately, if your lost card was not registered on our website, we're unable to replace it. Just send us a Talk to Us email with your card number and choose "About CosìCard" and we'll transfer your card value and/or rewards to a new CosìCard and mail it to you.

I forgot to bring my CosìCard the last time I was at the restaurant. Can I still get credit for my visit?
Click here, to fill out our missing point request form.

I have a few CosìCards with different credits/rewards/values. Can I combine them onto a single card?
Absolutely. Just send us a Talk to Us email and we will work with you to transfer your card values and/or rewards onto your main card.

I earned rewards on my CosìCard, but I can't redeem them now that the Così near me is closed. What should I do?
Your CosìCard rewards are still valid at our remaining Così locations throughout the country according to the terms of the CosìCard program. Take your CosìCard with you when you travel, or send it to a friend who lives near a Così (it's good karma).

Where can I buy CosìCards for corporate gifts or rewards? Do you offer a discount?
CosìCards can be purchased in bulk (25 or more) by contacting us through the Talk To Us form and choosing "About CosìCard". Volume discounts and other incentives are available for CosìCards purchased in bulk.


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